Individual Counselling
Parents Consultation

I believe I can work with anyone who is stuck and wants to be unstuck. 

If you're grieving and can't see past your loss

If you've been abused and feeling shame and pain

If you're feeling desperately sad and don't know how to shift the cloud

If you've been left traumatised after any event including birth trauma

If you're not sure why or what but you know you need help

If your problem isn't listed but you need someone to hear you




I can offer you a safe place with no judgement to BE HEARD


I don't have a set plan but work intuitively because you are unique. In the first session I may ask more questions than normal to assertain what you are wanting out of counselling. Then it's up to you how you spend the time and how many sessions you want. 




I have many years of experience of working therapeutically with children and helping them through their bereavement. Through this work I have met with parents and discovered the advice and support I have given them has made a massive impact. So much so some children and young people have not needed therapeutic support. I am a true believer in modelling life skills to our children as they will follow in our footsteps.

However if you are stuck at a road block it’s hard to know how to move past, which could be why your child is also stuck.


I offer a service for parents who are struggling to deal with their child’s grief. If a child is grieving it is likely you the parent are also grieving and it can be really hard to see a way through everyone’s grief. I can offer you advice and insight that might help you take your family through the road block.


"Thank you for everything u have done for me this year, you have been amazing." Student

Nicola Hughes

Counsellor & Supervisor

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