Couples seek Counselling for many reasons:

  • Perhaps things have gone stale

  • You think you've fallen out of love 

  • You are fighting more than friending

  • Maybe you don't know if you want to be together any more 

  • Perhaps having children has taken all your energy away that you don't have time for each other.

  • One of you has had an affair*

  • Pre-marriage support


Couples Counselling is a good opportunity to have honest conversations about how you both feel, using my expertise to spot any areas that need tweaking or patterns of behaviour that aren't serving you well.


If you are looking for Couples Counselling because something has gone wrong then I believe your ‘problem’ has been  co-created and therefore needs resolving together. I will not take sides and I don’t have THE answer. I will endeavour to give you both equal time and opportunity to tell your story but essentially our work is about moving forward and not apportioning blame. We will spend time working out what you want to get from this work and we will keep checking that we are working towards that goal.

Or perhaps you are getting married soon and know that good marriages don't just happen they need to be worked at. In this case we can look at how you communicate, resolving conflict, how you love and forgive, your values and expectations and much more. I don't provide a program to follow but we will look at what you want to cover and go from there.

Couples Counselling is usually short term (6-12 sessions).  I suggest that we commit to working together to begin with for at least 6 sessions but ultimately you decide what works for you.

Nicola Hughes

Counsellor & Supervisor

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