Zoom Instructions & Guidance

This information is for clients that have made a booking with me, but useful for anyone considering working online with me:

Please download the software from Zoom at https://www.zoom.us/download#client_4meeting (Zoom Client for Meetings) and take care to protect your password and other login details.


I will send you an email the day before our session. In this email is a link to our meeting and a password. When you click the link it will take you to my virtual waiting room. I will welcome you in when our session starts.


We may spend the first few minutes checking we can both hear each other and if you are new to zoom I may show you some features we may use.


If there are problems with audio or video the options for these are on the bottom left hand side of the screen while in the meeting. Also remember to turn your devices sound on.


Please have a think about the location of your camera and what angle I will be able to see of you. Although body language is different when working online it really helps if I can see a good clear picture of your head and shoulders – think passport photo.


If you are new to zoom it might be worth having a test run with a family member or friend to see if the video and audio work.


Please ensure you log in from a quiet and private environment. See Things to Consider for help with this.  You may like to have a soft drink to hand, but please do not bring food.


Please note that any inappropriate behaviours or inappropriate dressing will result in the termination of the session with immediate effect. If this should happen, I reserve the right to charge you in full for the session.


Although Zoom has the facility to record sessions, this feature WILL NOT be used by either of us unless we have discussed this in detail previously.


At the end of our time online together, you should end the video call when we have said goodbye.  


After our session, please close all Internet pages that relate to our time together to maintain your privacy from other people in your environment. 


Please then consider a little down time as you leave the session rather going straight back into life. 



Technology interruptions may happen during our sessions together online, we both will be active in trying to minimize this.


If our session is affected by technology problems that affect our ability to communicate, we should both:

·     Log out of the system

·     Wait a few minutes

·     Attempt to log back in (if this successful, we will continue)

·      If this doesn’t work, we will speak on the phone to end our session or you may wish to end the session there.


If connection is poor from either end we will wait to see if it resolves if not I will call you. To help with connection problems you could make sure you are the only person on a conferencing call in your household and others aren’t downloading from the internet.

You Tube Link to show how Zoom works:


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that online counselling is 100% safe, but provided care and consideration is used, the risk that a third party can hack in to the communication is minimal. As far as I am aware my service providers are GDPR compliant but I cannot be responsible for their business.

Nicola Hughes

Counsellor & Supervisor

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