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Creative Counselling

"Creativity is just connecting things."

Steve Jobs

Working creatively does not require any artistic skill but just a desire to explore your situation differently.
It is not about what you create but the process of creating and what it means to you.  I don't interpret your work or try to give it a meaning but focus on what it is for you. Being creative engages the subconscious and therefore joins the dots of your conscious and your subconscious and informs our work together.
It is particularly useful for clients who don't know what to say or feel they have said everything but nothing is changing. ​
Clients are often amazed at how much they have discovered using creative resources. However, I understand not everyone wants to work this way and it's always your choice.

I am currently offering Online Creative Therapy. You will need some of your own resources but I can help you with ideas. The process of gathering your resources tends to be quite therapeutic.
Contact me for more information about how this works.


What will I create?

It is totally up to you. In our first session I usually show you all the resources I have.
You may want to check in at the start of the session or set the scene to where your thoughts are at.
You can choose not to create one week or go with what you 'feel' like doing.
We may use feeling cards, stones, art materials, symbols, sand tray, clay, paint etc

Image by Blake Weyland

Who is it for

  • Anyone who wants to give it a go

  • If you've told your story many times but nothing is changing

  • You are stuck

  • You are creative or artistic and want to work in this way

  • Have a puzzling dream you want to explore

  • Or any issue you would bring to talking therapy

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