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Outdoor Counselling

"There is something soul-soothingly simple and refreshing about about being in nature, about making use of the great outdoors."  Sarah Ivens (Forest Therapy)

If you're like me and the fresh air and a brisk walk blows the cobwebs away then you will probably really love the freedom of Outdoor Therapy.  It works in a similar way to indoor counselling in that we would meet at the same time every week and walk side by side while you tell me your concerns. We meet online initially so I can assess whether Outdoor Therapy is suitable for us.  We usually embrace all the seasons and you'd be surprised at how a walk in the rain can be so refreshing. But we will talk about a contingency plan if the weather doesn't suit you.
Ideal for mums and babies.
I really understand how hard it is to access counselling when you have a baby so an Outdoor session may work for you. (Suits younger babies and toddlers that are happy to stay in pram or sling)

Outdoor Therapy

Benefits of Outdoor Therapy

  • Being on the move encourages fluidity of thought and speech enabling you to think more creatively and freely.

  • You get the bonus happy hormones when you are walking.

  • When outside your body slows down, helping you feel peaceful and calm.

Outdoor Counselling
  • Breathing in fresh air gives your body more oxygen and that has huge health benefits:

    • Boosts circulation​

    • Reduces heart attacks and blood pressure

    • Lowers heart rate

    • Decreases stress

    • Raises Self Esteem

    • Combats Depression

  • Walking side by side in a shared space means neither of us own the environment it can put you at more ease


What happens in Outdoor Therapy?

  • We can simply walk and talk and enjoy the fresh air and the sights that we see.

  • Or we can make use of nature and see symbolism around us.

  • You might be walking fast while talking about something stressful so I might point this out, which allows you to choose to slow down or not.

Walk and talk therapy
  • We might notice things or comment on what we see and then find later that it has relevance to the story you are telling.

  • You might want to collect things, sticks, stones etc and make pictures with them.

  • Maybe we will sit by the lake and watch nature perform.

It is totally up to you how you use your time.

Walking therapy
Outdoor Therapy
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