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I can work with you wherever you’re at, whoever you are. 

I am inclusive and work with you regardless of age, gender, neurotype, sexual orientation, race, ability and religion.

Neurodivergence – ADHD / Autism


As a late diagnosed neurodivergent woman, I understand the challenges of daily life and how that can impact you. Wherever you’re at in your ND journey, I can help. Right at the beginning and curious about signs, during the assessment and diagnosis period, adjusting to a new diagnosis or managing daily life. I can help.


If you are neurodivergent you may be eligible for Access to Work funding which will fund the cost of your sessions. Please get in touch to find out more.

Mental Health – Anxiety, stress & depression


Mental ill-health can affect people in many different ways, and I can help you by providing a safe place to deal with what you’re going through. You might want space to talk or you may want some strategies to support you.  We work together at a pace that suits you.  


If you are suffering with mental health issues you may be eligible for Access to Work funding which will fund the cost of your sessions. Please get in touch to find out more.



Losing a loved one or a beloved pet is an incredibly challenging time of life and I want to help guide you through this period to help you grieve and process.

Loss and Change

Any loss or change can have an impact on our lives. It might be that your children have left home or you’ve changed jobs. Or maybe you’ve separated from your partner or fallen out with family. Whatever the change or loss I can help you work through it so you are feeling more in control of your life.

Perinatal mental health and birth trauma 


Bringing new life into the world is a joy but can also come with trauma and issues that need unpacking, and that’s okay. Whether you’re struggling to adjust to life as a new parent, or dealing with PTSD from a traumatic birth, I can help you feel like yourself again.  

SEN Support


I provide Family Support which includes strategies to help your ND child, this could include how to get what you need from school, how to manage and meet your child’s needs and manage tricky behaviour.


You may also need a safe space to talk about your experience and recover from any associated trauma.

Counselling Leeds



Autism in the therapy room / Diploma in Online & Telephone Counselling  /  Person-Centred Expressive Arts Therapy  /  Outdoor Therapy  / Couples Counselling Certificate  /  Coaching Certificate  /  Diploma in Supervision  /  BSc in Therapeutic Counselling  / Diploma in Counselling

Other recent courses:  Infant Loss, Polyvagal Theory, Walking and Talking Therapy, Managing distress and Suicide, Eating Disorders, Rewind (PTSD Technique),  Managing Anxiety, Certificate in Coaching. ~ I have regular Clinical Supervision.


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