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Couples MOT

You may have been married for years and although nothing major has happened things have gone a bit stale or perhaps you are wanting pre marriage support so you can start in the best place.


In our first session I will get to know you both and what you want from your 6 sessions. I will show you a choice of subjects that we can cover such as communication, love, intimacy, conflict, difficult conversations, setting couple goals etc. With this information I will create a bespoke course for you both.


Why not see me for a yearly review to check you are on track?


Post Mortem

If you have been affaired and want to stay in your relationship you may think about Couples Counselling. 

You will know when it comes to affairs you can't just leave it in the past. You've got questions and feelings that need talking about.

The partner who has had the affair may want an opportunity to explore why they looked outside of their partnership. And both of you need a safe place to do this.

Typical Couples Counselling is forward-focused and doesn't always make space for this which is why I created a specific package called the Post Mortem.  Its not quite as grim as it sounds but it helps you both get to a place where you are ready to move on.

I understand talking about affairs is really hard and I hope to offer time and space that is compassionate to both of you and non-shaming.


Neurodivergent Couples

For couples where one or both of you are neurodivergent. Self diagnosed or diagnosed. I provide a safe place for you to explore your relationship and help you communicate clearly.

£80 a session
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