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Creative Space can Grow your Business

Giving yourself creative space will enable you to increase your capacity to grow your business. I want to encourage you not to see this as a treat or a luxury but as part of your weekly or daily practice.

This is because if you allow yourself space to be creative it has a positive affect on your mental health which gives you more space to be productive.


Your creative time inspires your work – it makes you more fruitful, it gives you ideas, and it solves your problems.

So here is a list of ideas to help you get more creativity in your working life:

  • If you are stuck with a decision you need to make and you aren’t sure which direction to take then write your problem down. Leave it at home and then go for a 30 minute walk. Now look at your problem – can it be solved? I bet you’ve come up with some more thoughts and ideas that either solve the problem or keep your thoughts flowing!

  • Take your Networking outdoors. Instead of meeting people in cafes, get a take away and walk. There is something about the outdoors that breaks any barriers, helps everyone be more congruent and is great for your health.

  • At the end of the day do a mandala. All you need is a piece of paper and pen (you could use felt tips if you have them but you can keep it as simple as possible). Draw a little circle in the middle and then doodle around it. There are no rules, just go for it, allowing it to grow and get bigger. When you have finished look at it and think about how you feel. Write 5 feelings on the back of the paper. Don’t try to make sense of how you feel but write the feelings down as they come to you.

  • Free Draw. Paper and pen again. Do a quick free doodle where you draw a continuous line for 5-10 seconds. You might remember this as ‘Taking your Dog for a Walk’ then look at it and see what you can see in it, turn it into something. You can also do it with a partner. Look at mine here: (scroll down a little)

  • Find a creative hobby. Either do what you already know how to do and make time for it or buy a crafting box. You can get all sorts of things these days – Knickers in a Box, Soap Making, Crochet a Cactus, Knit a Knot. Okay I am being silly but it’s a great way to get started. I like to crochet and if I’m doing something easy I can think and process my thoughts while I am being repetitive with my stitches.

Whatever you decide to do - HAVE FUN!! Give yourself permission to create, to be inspired and don't think too much about it, just embrace the process.

That's all for now.

Love Nicola x x x


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