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Have you Considered Working Outdoors?

When we first went into lock down I made a point of having weekly (socially distant) walks with a counselling peer and friend. We actually planned to phone each other and talk on headsets while we walked but we met on a big playing field (which is now my Route 2) so there was plenty of space to be distant and still hear each other.

I was delighted when measures lifted and it felt safe enough to see clients and supervisees outside. The up take has been great. If you are thinking of working in the same way then you may like to know some of the many benefits:

· Being on the move encourages fluidity of thought and speech enabling you to think more creatively and freely.

· You get the bonus happy hormones when you are walking

· Breathing in fresh air gives your body more oxygen and that has huge health benefits (boosts circulation, reduces heart attacks and blood pressure, lowers heart rate, and decreases stress, raises self-esteem, combats depression)

· When outside your body slows down, helping you feel peaceful and calm.

· Walking side by side in a shared space means neither of us own the environment it can put you at more ease

I’ve seen first-hand how walking has really helped.

Clients who have commented that they feel better at the start of the walk just for being outside, seeing me face to face and hopeful about what our time together might bring.

Supervisees have worked at greater depth in our time together. They’ve used the things they notice in the session to reflect on their work, (the twists and turns in a river, choosing to walk up a steep hill, etc). And generally we feel closer after our time together.

Why not consider it?

· Maybe you aren’t trained to work in this way?

· You don’t think you can find a supervisor who can support you to work outdoors?

· You don’t know where to start?

I think I might be able to help.

I am running a Seasonal Outdoor Supervision Group in Leeds and bookings are taking place for this year 20/21

It will run quarterly and echo the seasons we are in. It’s not training but an opportunity to experience supervision outdoors. You can count it as Supervision, CPD or self-care depending on what you need and how you use your time.

It will be a richly rewarding experience that:

· Will inspire your reflective practice

· Will stimulate your own creative practice

· Will strengthen your own well being

For more information and how to book look here:

Feel free to connect with me and ask any questions

Take care


PS. If you want to continue being inspired in your practice then check out my Facebook page Creative Supervision


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