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Outdoor Therapy: Route 2

Today I did Route 2 of one of my Outdoor Therapy Walks.

Its a big playing field and today it felt huge, huger than it usually does. Today I felt like I could've been in space and I felt incredibly small.

The sky was bright blue and it made the green grass look even greener and although I felt small I felt whole, I felt alive.

Today I needed to feel that a small part of my world was indeed huge because the affect Covid-19 is having on my life and those around me is massive and sometimes I don't feel big enough to contain it.

I could've walked anywhere in the field yet I followed a path around the outside. At one point I imagined doing pirouettes across the field. (I probably need to point out that I could not do this even if I wasn't too embarrassed!!)

But I knew this just meant I wanted to feel free or freer.

This is to give you an idea of what Outdoor Therapy could be like. I took note of the things I was thinking and feeling and the affect the space and the walk had on me.

If this way of working inspires you or interests you or you think you need some of this SPACE in your life email me to ask any questions or book your space

Thanks for reading

Love Nicola x x


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