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To Send to School or Not to Send to School

Are you bogged down with all the opinions on Social Media?

Are you scared about the future for your children?

Are you confused about what to do?

We are indeed in weird and scary times when it comes to education. If you parent a reception, year one or year 6 child in the UK you'll no doubt be aware that schools maybe opening on 1st June.

I'm thinking of all you parents trying to decide whether to send children to school or not.

Maybe you are a single parent and you have to send your children to school so you can go back to work so you have money to feed your children. You made your decision for financial reasons.

Maybe there are people in your family that are not coping well with homeschooling and you need to send your children to school. You made your decision for mental health reasons

Maybe you are sending your children to school because you believe it is okay and they will be safe enough. You made your decision that it's safe.

Maybe you are keeping your children at home, even though your mental health is in tatters and you don't know where your next meal is coming from. You made your decision for safety reasons.

Maybe you don't agree with your decision, you are sending them to school and you feel terrified and judged but right now it's the only choice you have.

I am not here to judge. I believe you made the best decision for your family.

If schools do open on 1st June then it's likely your school will get in touch to ask you if you want a place at the school.


If you say, "No!" then your children won't go to school

If you say, "Yes!" then they probably will go to school (if school can accommodate everyone that is accepting a place)

The reason I am writing this post is to encourage you to make the choice that is right for you and your family and to acknowledge that your decision might not be the same as the person next door, the other mum's in your What's App group or your sisters!

As someone wrote, "We are in the same storm but different boats."

A few months ago we were calling out for people to BE KIND.

Let us not forget how damaging it is to be unkind, to be judgmental and to question our friends decisions.

I will totally support the decision you make for your family EVEN if it is different from my decision. I want the best for you and your family and I trust that you know what that is.

I am a safe place.

I am available for one off appointments if you need someone non-judgmental to talk this through with.

Take care and stay sane!

Love Nicola


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