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Online Counselling - Is it Second Best?

Are you in need of Counselling but unsure of how Online works?

I wonder if you are apprehensive about whether it really works and is it as effective?

Is it actually second best?

I’m going to admit something now - I was always a bit on the fence when it came to Online Counselling. I could see it was essential and that it worked for SOME. But wasn’t sure it was for me.

Then I was invited to an Online Supervision Group. (All Counsellors have to have Supervision and group supervision is a lovely way to stay connected with other professionals). I was a bit cheesed off as most of us lived near enough to meet face to face and up until then I really preferred face to face.

Online is second best after all isn’t it?

Always up for challenge and a new experience I chose to embrace it - and loved it. I was sold. I felt connected, heard, supported, and we had fun.

When we entered lock down I had two choices: to stop my practice or convert to online. For me it wasn’t really a choice as there was no way I was willing to end work with my existing clients when they needed the space I offered more than ever!

So in those first few weeks I worked very hard doing online training and amending paperwork and my practice so I knew what I was doing and to ensure I was working safely and ethically.

Working Online is different and as a practitioner you need to be aware of what those differences are. (Regardless of whether you work with me or not - whoever you work with make sure they have done training in Online Work)

Some of the differences:

I may need to check in with you differently. If you are in my room I can see if you are crying etc but Online that might not be quite so clear.

It’s unlikely in face to face that our space will go black and fuzzy and we’re unable to hear each other. But in Online work that may happen and we need to have a plan in place in case that happens.

What I have found also is that clients tend to open up more and quicker. The fact that we are not in close contact gives some people more freedom to be more honest. This means they get what they want from Counselling and reach their goals quicker and some times more deeply.

Some other advantages are that you don’t need to travel, you are in the comfort of your own home and you don’t need to find childcare (athough we will talk about privacy issues).

So all in all: it really isn’t second best.

It IS different.

I’m really enjoying working online and I am fully trained and insured to work in this way. So if you need counselling please consider working in this way.

For more information please look around my website and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Take Care


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